Why we need more than Maslow in a global crisis…

Annotated version of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

What’s missing?

We need to know what ALL our Universal Needs are

(1) Included all of our needs

The way we meet our needs is as important as what they are

(2) Looked deeper than just WHAT our needs are

How do we get empowered to meet our own needs?

(3) Empowered us to meet our own needs

We want to get off the “Needs Rollercoaster”

(4) Helped us to create a consistent experience of fulfilled needs

(5) Acknowledged and addressed the systemic imbalance in our culture and how this affects our needs

How we meet our needs can impact other people and their needs.

(6) Recognised the interconnectedness of humans and what this means for the ways we choose to meet our needs

The Universal Needs

The Universal Needs Tree

Why Now?

We are at a pivotal time in the history of the world.
  • From the parent who needs to find quick, easy and simple ways to meet their own needs in order to meet their children’s needs without burning out in the process.
  • To the leader who needs to learn to meet their own needs efficiently and effectively in order that they can lead according to the needs of their teams, their organisations and their communities, not due to the lack in their own.
  • To the worker who becomes more productive, and more effective when their needs are taken care of.
  • To the social justice advocate who through having their own needs better met has the internal resources to be able to continue to advocate for necessary social change.
  • To the business that needs to learn how to meet the needs of its staff, its customers and its suppliers, while also supporting its own.
  • To the white person whose needs being met provides them with the capacity to be able to face and begin to address the racial injustice in our world.
  • To the business development and marketing teams who can better identify, meet and communicate the needs of the customer.
  • To the person who through having their needs fulfilled can bring the best of themselves to their relationships with their partner(s), colleagues, friends and family.
  • To the company that knows how to take care of the needs of their employees to reduce the costs associated with the critical problems of mental, physical or emotional health.
  • To the person who finally gets to learn, feel and cultivate genuine self-worth (i.e. coming FROM the self) by learning how to meet all 12 of their Universal Needs consistently for the first time in their life.

So, what next?

Creator and founder of The Universal Needs, a transformational methodology to understand the 12 Universal Needs we all have & how to get them consistently met.

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Claire Brummell

Claire Brummell

Creator and founder of The Universal Needs, a transformational methodology to understand the 12 Universal Needs we all have & how to get them consistently met.

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